Monday, 6 July 2015

How to Seduce a Woman She Said

Seduction is a dance not a conquest!

It is not about manipulating another person into doing something they wouldn't normally do, like sleeping with you on the first date or even sleeping with you at all! It is not about what you can GET from a girl, it is about what you can give each other.

So before you attempt to seduce a woman, get those chauvinistic, selfish and manipulative ideas out of your head!

In this life you ultimately get what you deserve, and if you keep operating from this perspective the girl of your dreams will stay just that - the girl of your dreams - because that girl (the one you dream of meeting and seducing) will not give you the time of day!

Be Attentive

Notice the little things. Is she comfortable, does she need another drink? Pay attention and try to meet her needs before she is aware of them herself.

Watch her body language for subtle cues as to the next move. What is she doing with her hands? Is she open to your advances or is she blocking you? Most guys miss the signs and then wonder what went wrong!

Make Her Laugh

Not by being a clown, but by being intelligent and witty. Leave the bar room jokes for you mates, and bring the humor up a notch or two. Go easy with the alcohol - drunk and stupid is not appealing - and unless your seduction target (the girl) is either desperate, not at all picky or just wants a quickie (yes girls to have physical urges too and sometimes they just need to get a bit of relief) you will strike out very quickly!


Just listen, don't jump in there and try to solve all her problems. Listen to her well enough that you can respond in a reasonably intelligent manner. The topic of conversation may not be quite your cup of tea (or brand of beer) but it is something she wants to talk about.

Do her the courtesy of actually participating in the conversation!

Be Honest

Respond to her honestly, do not make insincere compliments or make promises you have not intention of keeping. It might get you want you want today, but it will cause you both pain tomorrow or the day after!